Bespoke, Unusual Engagement Rings

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is a tricky business, you want something different but just can’t find it. Carol Clift specialises in beautiful and unusual engagements rings, giving you a design which is both stunning and unique.


It works like this….

You choose one of a range of beautiful silver rings to present to your partner.  If they say ‘Yes’ (and we’re sure they will), your fiancee has three choices.

1. They love the ring you’ve chosen and decide to keep it.

2. They love the design but prefer to have it made in another precious metal – gold, palladium or platinum, perhaps.

3. They might love the opportunity to choose a bespoke engagement ring which you design together.

A ring for a lifetime should be a joy, not something to worry about.  This special service helps you ensure that your fiancee has the ring of his/her dreams.

The rings shown on this page are examples of previous commissions, please contact Carol to design a ring unique to you.