Gaia collection. Green Tsavorite triangular silver ring


Triangular ring handmade in sterling silver set with tsavorite.

This geometric form handcrafted in solid silver builds strong sleek triangular lines creating a stunning ring which  contrasts perfectly with the enthralling gemstone tsavorite.

Triangular in shape this green tsavorite tantalisingly gorgeous, plays creatively with light bouncing around this trillion cut natural gemstone sharing a multitude of shades found in grasses and gardens alike.

Stone : Tsavorite 4mm deep green

Metal :Sterling silver (925)

Shape : Triangular setting

Dimension of  setting : 5.5mm

Height of setting : 3.8mm

Band width : 2.5mm

Band height : 1.5mm

Finger size O



A stunning bold triangular silver handmade ring.  This enchanting Tsavorite trillion cut stone plays with the light reflecting lively green woodland shades. Its strong triangular form complements this stunning natural stone perfectly.

The delicious earth green stone reminds me of earths healing energy and all the treasures waiting to be discovered.

The triangular ring with its strong geometric form is complemented perfectly by stacking it with the bold rectangular ring within this collection. The contrasting rectangular shape showcases the delicate shades of the attractive natural gemstone pink tourmaline.

Adding the circular shaped ring with amethyst completes this set in the Gaia collection. The deep purple amethyst is intrinsically beautiful and its faceted form adds a pleasing and radiant twist.

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